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Above is a list of technology contests that might be interesting to Microsoft stack programmers. Send any omissions to . Unless otherwise noted contests are not open to Microsoft employees. Enjoy.
Windows 8 App Holiday ChallengeWindows 8nowJanuary 15, 2014Students publishing apps over the holidays can make some moneyhttp://www.windows8challenge.com/
Windows Developer Success KitWindows 8 and Windows PhonenowJune 30, 2014Got new Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps? Get some stickers and card to help promote your app!http://bit.ly/windevsuccesskit
Windows Phone Companion App ChallengeWindows 8nowDecember 31, 2013Got a Windows Phone App already? How about a Windows 8 companion app? You've already got most of the work done so here's a great way to score 250 more XPshttp://www.dvlup.com/Challenge/266#
MS Tech CommWindows 8 or Windows PhonenowDecember 30, 2013Publish a Windows Phone or Windows 8 app, enter a sweepstakes for up to $1kvia @billreiss
Zacks Holiday Rush ChallengeWindows 8nowDecember 20, 2013Publish app, list in Zack's Florida App Catalog, and get 10 reviews. Win Dell Venue Pro 8. The bar is high, but the prizes are cool.http://www.zwilliamson.com
Windows 8 App Makeover ChallengeWindows 8nowJanuary 01, 2014Students who published for AppMadness can upgrade their apps and score a $75 bountyhttp://www.windows8challenge.com/
Nokia DVLUPWindows Phoneongoingongoinglots of prizes and challenges for Windows Phone Appshttp://www.dvlup.com
Build for Windows aka AppBuilderWindows Phone, Windows 8, Azureongoingongoingprizes and challenges for Windows platform appshttp://www.buildforwindows.com

Jim O'Neil also keeps an excellent promo list at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jimoneil/p/promos.aspx.

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