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Welcome to the devfish wiki!

Why a wiki?

Basically I have lists and lists of resources I've been keeping in OneNote. I often find myself 'remailing' my lists out to others. Why not just keep my lists in a wiki? Plus I wanted to play with ScrewTurn wiki, which is really turning out to be quite easy to use.

Right now I've got two main sections on dfwiki.

TECHNOLOGY is all those various notes I was keeping private. I'm moving all mine out to the wiki.

DOTNETERATI is 'vanity pages' on people in Florida. Don't expect a ton here but I will put folks out there periodically.

Any feedback please feel free to send to .

Want to "own" a topic up here? Let me know and I'll see about getting you a page to pummel. If you're one of my dotneterati, it could be a vanity page, user groups can have their own page also.

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